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Pike Paintball and Elite 8

This past Saturday morning many brothers gathered at a local paintball course to participate in one of our many organized brotherhood events. Many were excited about this event and we had a great turnout. Not only were we playing paintball but we were also becoming closer because of the teamwork this sport requires. This brotherhood event was not only thrilling but also very challenging. Different games had different objectives which made everyone focus on trusting and communicating with one another out on the field.

As paintball ended many were anxious to get back to Columbia so we could catch our Gamecocks in the Elite 8. There was a massive turnout from the fraternity as we all gathered together to witness history for South Carolina basketball. The team ended up blowing out the boys from Baylor and thus resulting in our first Final Four appearance ever.

This past Saturday was very eventful and one for the books. We are looking forward to not only having more great brotherhood events but also more success in all of our Gamecock athletics.

Brothers Support Cocks Ball

A few members of the Xi Chapter made their way to Greenville, SC over this past weekend to support our men’s basketball team in the round of 64 and 32 in the NCAA tournament. This season has been an exciting one for our Gamecocks and for our basketball fans. With Sindarius Thornwell winning SEC Player of the Year and the basketball team advancing to their first NCAA tournament game since 1973 you could only imagine the energy throughout the chapter.

The Gamecocks are rapidly gaining national recognition as a team to not sleep on in this year’s tournament. The 65 second half points put up by the team against Duke Sunday night was the most they have put up in a half this season. As Columbia gets behind the team back at home, a few members of our chapter will be heading to NYC this weekend to support the team as they face Baylor in the Sweet Sixteen.

Alumni Spotlight: Drew Schiavone

Involved in the chapter since its rechartering, Brother Schiavone has been an integral part in keeping the chapter on track. Graduating in 2012, Brother Schiavone has served multiple positions in the chapter including Chapter Treasurer. Now, he helps the chapter on the alumni board.

Since his graduation, Brother Schiavone has also worked as a Business Services Officer for BB&T and has helped the chapter with its account management. As of this spring, he has also taken over from Jonathan Howell as the housing board director. The chapter is eternally grateful for this act, as the brotherhood would not be able to live in the house without him.

Always there to give advice to the brotherhood, Brother Schiavone has mentored countless members throughout his time with the chapter. From freshmen who are just trying to find their way around Columbia to seniors working to attain jobs, he is always a phone call away.

For all of your work, thank you Brother Schiavone!

Brother’s Band Plays Greek Life Philanthropy Event

Brendan Hollingsworth, senior brother who is the lead singer for Funky Penetration, had his band play at a Greek Life philanthropy event organized to support a local sports league at the MLK Park in 5 points.

As a group, the band helped invite people along with the organizers, helping raise over $1,000 for the local league. The organizers now plan on using the money to pay for a new basketball hoop, as well as jerseys for the league.

Brother Hollingsworth’s band now looks to continue to play at events throughout the spring, hoping to entertain people in and out of Greek life.

Pike supports South Carolina Hockey

On Saturday, February 18th the Xi Chapter made the trip to Irmo, South Carolina to support South Carolina’s very own hockey team as they took on the Clemson Tigers. South Carolina currently stands in first place in their division thanks to the help of a few Xi Pikes. The Xi chapter is well represented on the hockey team as we have three members on the roster, consisting of one junior and two newly initiated members. The team came out on top 5-2 in their final game of the regular season and look good heading into the post-season. We are proud of our brothers and all the hard work they put in as they represent our chapter in a significant fashion on and off the ice.


Chapter Enjoys Mountain Weekend

After the first week of classes, it was only fitting to send the chapter to mountain weekend. Although there had been problems in Gatlinburg with fires, most of the rental properties were not damaged.

As a result, from Thursday to Sunday, the brothers had a chance to spend the weekend in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Each member is entitled to bring a date, so there were over 200 USC students that had a chance to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather.

Some brothers enjoyed taking in the rays at the houses, while many others decided to explore the town of Gatlinburg. Known as the “Myrtle Beach of the Mountains” the town boasts attractions from photo booths to roller coasters, keeping the brothers busy.

There was also a group that found a hiking trail along the backside of the cabins, giving stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

Now refreshed from the weekend, the brothers are excited to take on the Spring semester in the city of dreams.

Spring Rush Takes 25 New Members

Spring Rush kicked off last week with multiple guys coming out to our rush events all week long. We had a busy week filled with meeting new kids and figuring out who would really fit in with the Xi chapter legacy. One of our rush events earlier in the week consisted of a cookout at the house, where we played basketball on the court out back and cooked up burgers and dogs while hanging out and listening to music too.

A few days later we had a formal cigar night at the house, brothers and future members dressed up and gathered at the house as we get to talk to potential new members more and get to know them.

Another one of our events including a viewing party for the Gamecock’s men’s basketball game at the house. Brothers came out to the house in strong numbers really impressing some of the new guys. As usual, we ended our rush week with the bid day dinner being held at Palmetto Pig.

Ultimately, we ended up giving out 27 bids with 25 being accepted by the end of the week. We’re all very excited to meet the potential new members of our fraternity believing we picked a strong bunch of guys.



Frank Martin Gives Pikes a Mention

If you follow Gamecock sports, you know that Frank Martin truly has been building something special at Colonial Life. He came in with a goal of getting a program that had not seen much recent success, to go dancing come March.

As a result, a few Pike brothers started a group called “Cocks Ball” a few years ago, to help support the Gamecocks in all endeavors. The group supports the Gamecocks in all sports but has really put in an effort to help support what Martin has been building.

Originally, only four members of the chapter, the group has now grown to over 35 members. From longtime Gamecock fans to newly found fanatics, the group encompasses over seven years of past and present brothers.

This past week, as the Gamecocks were set to play #21 ranked Florida, the “Cock’s Ball” members set out to support Men’s basketball for their critical game. The group organized a “Black Out” for the game, creating a graphic design and getting Martin, Sindarius Thornwell, and Michael Carrera to tweet the message out.

After the win, Frank Martin was doing his weekly radio show and mentioned the group and how critical they were to the win and the team. Martin was quoted in saying, “That place was rocking. And it was absolutely a result from those guys over there” as he gestured to the Pike members that showed up to the radio show.

From now on, the group hopes to continue to grow and support our beloved Gamecocks while showing their true Pike colors.


Scott Prince Speaks to the Chapter

Scott Prince, Xi alumni and now proud father of new initiate Andrew, recently came to our chapter to speak about career advice and networking.

Brother Prince was gracious enough to tell stories of why he became a Pike, great brotherhood events, and fun times of Gamecocks in the 80’s! Along with these stories, Brother Prince gave the brotherhood important knowledge about how to network in the South East and important avenues for finding jobs.

We always love to have past alumni come and speak to our chapter! Thank you again to Scott Prince!


New Executive Board Elected

This last weekend, a new executive board was elected!

After an amazing year, Albert Burrow will hand off the presidential reins to Nick Schweiser.  A junior from New Jersey, Nick has been on the executive board since being initiated. Planning to continue our support of the chapter house while strengthening our alumni relations, our chapter was happy to elect him!

Along with a new president, the chapter elected a new treasurer in Andrew Stefany, Internal VP in Adrian Ott, and External VP in Brendan Clark.

After Thanksgiving break, the group will look to fill out their cabinets and plan for the next semester. We can’t wait to see what they have planned!

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