Involved in the chapter since its rechartering, Brother Schiavone has been an integral part in keeping the chapter on track. Graduating in 2012, Brother Schiavone has served multiple positions in the chapter including Chapter Treasurer. Now, he helps the chapter on the alumni board.

Since his graduation, Brother Schiavone has also worked as a Business Services Officer for BB&T and has helped the chapter with its account management. As of this spring, he has also taken over from Jonathan Howell as the housing board director. The chapter is eternally grateful for this act, as the brotherhood would not be able to live in the house without him.

Always there to give advice to the brotherhood, Brother Schiavone has mentored countless members throughout his time with the chapter. From freshmen who are just trying to find their way around Columbia to seniors working to attain jobs, he is always a phone call away.

For all of your work, thank you Brother Schiavone!