After the first week of classes, it was only fitting to send the chapter to mountain weekend. Although there had been problems in Gatlinburg with fires, most of the rental properties were not damaged.

As a result, from Thursday to Sunday, the brothers had a chance to spend the weekend in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Each member is entitled to bring a date, so there were over 200 USC students that had a chance to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather.

Some brothers enjoyed taking in the rays at the houses, while many others decided to explore the town of Gatlinburg. Known as the “Myrtle Beach of the Mountains” the town boasts attractions from photo booths to roller coasters, keeping the brothers busy.

There was also a group that found a hiking trail along the backside of the cabins, giving stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

Now refreshed from the weekend, the brothers are excited to take on the Spring semester in the city of dreams.