If you follow Gamecock sports, you know that Frank Martin truly has been building something special at Colonial Life. He came in with a goal of getting a program that had not seen much recent success, to go dancing come March.

As a result, a few Pike brothers started a group called “Cocks Ball” a few years ago, to help support the Gamecocks in all endeavors. The group supportsĀ the Gamecocks in all sportsĀ but has really put in an effort to help support what Martin has been building.

Originally, only four members of the chapter, the group has now grown to over 35 members. From longtime Gamecock fans to newly found fanatics, the group encompasses over seven years of past and present brothers.

This past week, as the Gamecocks were set to play #21 ranked Florida, the “Cock’s Ball” members set out to support Men’s basketball for their critical game. The group organized a “Black Out” for the game, creating a graphic design and getting Martin, Sindarius Thornwell, and Michael Carrera to tweet the message out.

After the win, Frank Martin was doing his weekly radio show and mentioned the group and how critical they were to the win and the team. Martin was quoted in saying, “That place was rocking. And it was absolutely a result from those guys over there” as he gestured to the Pike members that showed up to the radio show.

From now on, the group hopes to continue to grow and support our beloved Gamecocks while showing their true Pike colors.