This past Saturday morning many brothers gathered at a local paintball course to participate in one of our many organized brotherhood events. Many were excited about this event and we had a great turnout. Not only were we playing paintball but we were also becoming closer because of the teamwork this sport requires. This brotherhood event was not only thrilling but also very challenging. Different games had different objectives which made everyone focus on trusting and communicating with one another out on the field.

As paintball ended many were anxious to get back to Columbia so we could catch our Gamecocks in the Elite 8. There was a massive turnout from the fraternity as we all gathered together to witness history for South Carolina basketball. The team ended up blowing out the boys from Baylor and thus resulting in our first Final Four appearance ever.

This past Saturday was very eventful and one for the books. We are looking forward to not only having more great brotherhood events but also more success in all of our Gamecock athletics.